It has a beautiful shiny finish like glass and will clear surrounding areas of EMF radiation and negative energies. It has gone through various stages of sanding and polishing to make sure that it looks top quality and professional.

My pyramids are very heavy and stuffed full of metal and gemstones to make them as effective and powerful as possible. I’m only using raw stones, rarely polished ones to retain their maximum power.

***What Is Orgone?***

Orgone is an amplification tool that transmutes negative energies into positive. It raises the vibrational frequencies of the user and the surrounding area, cleansing environments and people of trauma, detrimental thought patterns and negativity. It can raise your vibration in order to attract more positive things into your life – it aligns your vibration to the vibrations of abundance, balance and prosperity. It is also great for healing and strengthening the auric field. As it is an amplification tool, it can be effective in manifesting your intentions through meditation. People also use orgone for EMF protection and clearing up electro smog.

***Extra Energy Boost In Ancient Irish Megalith***

This Orgonite® orgone piece was charged in Legananny Dolmen, Co. Down, Ireland. Dolmens were used by the ancients to harvest and harness energy to use for healing. They are found at specific energy points on the earth over ley lines. They knew exactly where to place these granite stones and the angles at which to face them to harvest sun and earth energy.

They were originally entirely covered by alternating layers of organic and inorganic materials in a mound. Wilhelm Reich used the same technique in the construction of his so-called orgone devices, these being (much smaller) devices that were able to generate, concentrate and radiate a mysterious form of healing energy. In the inside chamber of the dolmen they placed sick people for healing. This energy harvesting tool is said to be 5000 years old. Still lots of wonderful energy at this special site, so I am pleased to be able to infuse my orgonite pieces with this powerful energy for added benefits to the user.


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