Fire starter kit for emergencies. Don’t take any chances collecting tinder in a SHTF situation, better have it dry and ready at hand.

If enough of you folks show interest, I’ll add this to the shop, all hand packed with the following items:

  • 50g Wood shards, easy to light up, last between 2 and 15 fires, depending on outside conditions and skill level
  • 4 Wax soaked tampons, long burning steady flame
  • Ferro rod for 3000°C  hot sparks, top quality, 3.5 inch in length, half an inch diameter, lasts for at least 10.000 ignitions
  • 1 steel scratcher for the rod
  • 1 pine oil soaked twisted cotton, burns long and slow
  • 1 BIC lighter
  • 1 pack of storm proof matches
  • 1 cotton piece soaked with alcohol -waterproof zip lock pack
  • 1 piece of fatwood
  • 1 tea candle
  • 1 ZipLoc® waterproof bag

all items are hand crafted and controlled. Having this kit at hand, you’ll be able to start a fire in no time. Just add some kindling and fire wood and you’re good to go.

#bushcraft #survive #survival #outdoor #firestarter


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