Bahco Laplander folding saw incl. Mora hunting knife LAP-KNIFE

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  • General purpose folding saw with an 7-1/2 -inch blade
  • Nominal 9″ total knife length including blade and handle
  • Two component plastic handle for secure grip


Bahco Laplander folding saw & Mora professional hunting knife. 

  • General purpose folding saw with an 7-1/2 -inch blade, 7 teeth per inch, for cutting both green and dry wood, plastic, or bone.
  • XT Toothing, 7 TPI. Blade is specially coated for rust protection and low friction.
  • Two-component plastic handle for perfect grip, with leather strap.
  • Specially designed for wildlife enthusiasts, hunters, and campers
  • Equipped with safety lock for both lock-in and lock-out



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