Special mixed metal (ferrocerium)

The firerods are really some angry folks and make huge sparks.

(Don’t look too long into the sparks,because they burn extremely bright)

The starter itself is not flammable. It is softer than almost all commercially available fire starters and therefore makes thick dropy, longer burning sparks. This is much more effective especially in difficult starting situations.


  • Outdoor Emergency Lighter Large
  • Exceptionally long burning sparks
  • guarantee reliable quick success  also in wetness, wind and weather
  • Weight: 25,3 gram
  • Size: 8 x 80 mm
  • 1 Piece

This can be used even under the most difficult conditions. A fire can be ignited quickly and effectively. With a sharp edge of a knife / knife back set at an angle of about 45° and pull it vigorously and evenly over the steel or better still move the steel, then the resulting sparks can be used more specifically.

A piece of iron saw blade also works very well, or, in an emergency, a hard stone.



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